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Dark Nudes

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Dutch lingerie store SuperBra is the first to offer dark skin tones up to UK cup size K!

This month, the Dutch D+ lingerie store SuperBra launched the “Dark Nudes Fuller Bust” lingerie line.  This makes SuperBra the first lingerie store WORLDWIDE where all women can try and buy lingerie in their skin tone. Until now, dark nude lingerie in D+ sizes  has only been available through some UK webshops, but it hasn’t been available in any regular stores.

What was the problem?

Half of the women in Rotterdam (where SuperBra is based) has a darker skin tone, but nonetheless it wasn’t possible to find dark nude lingerie in any of the stores in our city. Embarrassing, according to the owner of SuperBra Floor van de Pavert: ‘I have been asking our suppliers for dark nude lingerie ever since I started my D+ lingerie store 18 months ago, but I had no luck finding anything that was in our size range and that was of decent enough quality.’

Off to a great start: two colours in 76 sizes!

Dutch media personality and woman of color Rowan Blijd started the hashtag #Benniebeige (translation: I am not beige) in 2017 and this was another motivation for Van de Pavert to try and convince her suppliers: ‘I sent the #Benniebeige videos to my suppliers and to my joy I got a positive response from our favourite Polish lingerie brand Ewa Michalak. They were able to produce brown-coloured lingerie for me. This resulted in gorgeous, handmade, silky soft lingerie in two tones brown and 76 sizes:  UK band sizes 28 to 42 and cup sizes D to K.’.

Why we desperately need a bra revolution

Shocking but true: 9 out of 10 women wears the wrong bra. Do you think your size is 34B? You might as well need a 30DD! When you’re wearing a bra in the correct size and with a good fit, everything changes: you will feel more confident in your own skin and your curves are going to look stunning. Everyone has a different body, so it’s of vital importance to offer lots of sizes, shapes and colours! SuperBra has an unprecedented stock with affordable D+ bras to help find the perfect fit for as many women as possible! We are super proud that we are now able to offer dark nude lingerie for women of colour!

About SuperBra

SuperBra owner Floor van de Pavert (UK cup size 28G)  knows from her own experience how frustrating it can be to shop for D+ lingerie in the Netherlands. With this in mind, she opened SuperBra in Rotterdam in 2016. Six months after a web shop was launched as well. SuperBra guarantees to give you great brafitting advice. The shop offers a large stock, consisting of different colours, shapes and sizes. Our bras are available in band sizes 28 to 42 and UK cup sizes D to K. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg, because a bra retails for 35 to 70 euros. Come see us in the store at in Rotterdam or check out the website .

Additional information

Floor van de Pavert (owner of SuperBra) is available for interviews. 
For enquiries, contact Floor van de Pavert: +31 6-42443230 and
All pictures on this web page can be used royalty free for publications on Superbra's Dark Nudes. Please credit SuperBra and the photographer, Naomi Modde.
Dark Nudes

Model wears UK size 32F in Chestnut

Dark Nudes

Models wear UK size 30HH and 32F in Chestnut

Dark Nudes

Model wears UK size 30GG in Bronze

Dark Nudes

Models wear UK size 32f in Chestnut en 30GG in Bronze

Dark Nudes

Models wear (from left to right) UK size 30GG in Bronze, 30HH in Chestnut en 32F in Chestnut

Dark Nudes

Bra Chestnut

Dark Nudes

Bra Bronze

Dark Nudes

High waisted brief Chestnut

Dark Nudes

Bra Pearl